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Ojvar ORM

This is my first Custom ORM program,
I try to implement a simple ORM project

It steel under construction

Simple steps:

1- Create "testDB" database and then table "tests" with Fields :
+ id int PK , AutoInc
+ name nvarchar(50)
+ family nvarchar(255)
+ age int

2- Set SqlConnection string in file "DAL.Base.Connection".
3- Create an Entity class according "test" table: OjvarORM.BLL.Entity.test.cs
: It inherit the class BLL.Entity.Base
4- Create a Logic class: OjvarORM.BLL.Logic.tests.cs
5- Place your TextBoxes in UI and set control's tags according to Fields name
6- Read Save & Read Button Codes
: for create new record, you must define a "test" entity and call : BaseBLL.General.FormModelHelper<BLL.Entity.test>.fillModel (this, d);
- It read all values from UI and set entity fields
: for read an existing record, define an empty entity and only set ID then call : CommandResult res = (d);

This project need to improve
It needs :
- Generator Form
- Modify Base Logic class for Foreign-Keys


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